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Parco Nazionale D'Abruzzo
The National Park of Abruzzo is basically made up of a mountain chain system, whose altitude range varies from 900 mt to 2200 mt above sea level The mountains in the park represent a colourful landscape rich in rounded peaks typical of the Appennini, as well as rocky slopes with a more alpine shape.

The wildlife reserve La Camosciara stands out for its aspect and its dolomite structure, and the advantage to keep in a few hectares the main elements of plant life and wildlife of the National Park of Abruzzo: a symbolic place in the park, charming and rich in every season. The peculiar beauty and sumptuousness of the geomorphologic nature of the Camosciara is characterized by steep alpine cliffs together with a flora and fauna endowed with an incomparable naturalistic value

Val Fondillo path
The Fondillo Valley is of course one of the most beautiful naturalistic corner in the park, rich in water springs and woods, crossed by the Fondillo river. In this area it is possible to sight several animals, like chamois, bears, roe deers, wolves and lynxes. By crossing the Fondillo valle it is possible to reach several trekking itineraries like Forca Resuni, the Sanctuary of Val Canneto (Settefrati) and Forca d’Acero.

The Monte Marsicano path
The Marsicano mountain is situated eastwards Opi, where you can sight several animal species, among them: deers, chamois, bears, royal eagles, wild hares. In winter alpinism skiing is feasible, also with creepers. For those keen on mountain climbing, there are some interesting rocky walls to be discovered; by crossing the Monte Marsicano it is possible to reach Passo Godi, Scanno and Pescasseroli.

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